Last Friday I came into to work to find zimbra crashed and people annoyed. Looking at the logs I found (in mailbox.log) that there was a problem ( java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space ) Looking through the forum I found a few references to this and tried some of the suggestions. None worked. I tried setting the tomcat_java_heap_precent or whatever to a high number and renaming the redo.log in case there was something hanging in there, but no luck.

My problem seems a little different than some others. Tomcat only crashes when sending mail. I can get to my inbox from the webmail client. But as soon as I hit send on a new message the memory usage on the zimbra server by the java service goes to about 75% (all free memory) and them bam, its crashed.

Its a decent machine with a gig of ram. Most times it has 300 - 500 MB ram free. Gets down to about 30mb when zimbra is acting up.

So, what do I need to do to fix this?
I like zimbra and it seems easy to administer and works good with samba. I would hate to go back to OpenXchange (a pain to administer) but we need email.