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Thread: Zimbra + Samba PDC security concern

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    Exclamation Zimbra + Samba PDC security concern

    Hi all,
    I want to ask for your opinion and suggestion, please.
    I've got Zimbra + Samba PDC working together, thanks for the tutorial by Greg

    Several questions:
    1. Is it safe to put that setup with a public IP. We all know too well how it is not advisable to run Samba on the gateway. Will a good firewall rules enough to protect it?
    2. Can Zimbra works with 2 NIC setup? With 2 NIC I think we can define the firewall rules more flexible and safer (deny access for Samba from NIC with public IP, allow from internal NIC, etc).
    3. Or is it better to put Zimbra wholly behind a firewall and set port forwarding for port 25,100, etc to the Zimbra machine?
    4. Will "separating" the Zimbra mta from the rest of other components make the machine safer?

    Looking forward for all suggestions.
    Thank you very much.

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    In general I am a fan on always seperating concerns, and playing defense in depth security.

    In my case I use Xen to isolate portions of my systems.

    However firewall rules are also very safe with multiple interfaces. Zimbra does support that.

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