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    Question Distribution Lists

    I made name changes to some of our distribution lists, both to the email address and the display name. Namely I tagged all of our display names with -dist so they will pull up together when someone needs to see what lists are out there.

    The lists look fine in the admin panel but when I go to a client and type in dist it's not seeing the lists I changed. Is the server caching and the renamed lists will eventually show up, or do I have to delete them and redo them?

    I've tried on a few fresh machines and made the changes 30 min ago.


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    Here's an update to my issue:

    * deleted distributions list continue to show up if you type in "dist" when auto completing.
    * new dist lists do not show up in auto complete when you type in "dist" (our distributions lists have -dist at the end of their display names -> "all staff-dist" for example)

    * if I click "To" and then in the search box type in "dist" I only see my newly created distribution lists. My renamed ones do not show up.
    * The renamed lists do show up if I key in other letters in their display names, not when I type in "dist", which is part of their display name.

    I'll schedule a reboot if that's the fix, or if there is a way to reload something, to clear up the GAL.

    Thx for any help/advice!

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