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Thread: cmd to share notebooks with others without asking

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    Question cmd to share notebooks with others without asking

    Hi ALL,

    I cannot found out the detailed cli cmd usage or any detailed example, I tried many times but still cannot do that... so it would be great if anyone could help~

    Here is the case:

    I would like to share my personal notebook (say: Documents) to others but do not want a mail sending to each users and give them an option to accept or decline~ I know I should share the notebook with the option "not to send mails....", however, just don't know what's the zm cli cmd to add the shared notebook name on each users' page.....


    User want to share notebook: pchung
    sharing notebook: Documents

    Users should be able to "view" pchung's shared notebook - Documents: may

    Anyone could help with an example? Many thanks~

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    Something like the following should work:
    zmmailbox -m {} cm -V document "wcb's Notebook" /Notebook
    Note that the zmmailbox command has very extensive help -- just try zmmailbox -h.
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