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    Default Restore Inbox

    I used Mozilla Thunderbird as desktop mailing, all my mails in sever downloaded locally into thunderbird (POP3 Configured in Thunderbird). Now i want to revert back all my mails from Thunderbird into Server.

    Is this possible?, or how can have my inbox back in server
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    In general, Thunderbird used as an IMAP client will leave all the messages on the server, so there's no need to copy them back.

    If you used Thunderbird as a POP server without "leave on server" checked, create a new IMAP profile and connect to it [for the dates to be correct, make sure you append "/tb" to the username you put in your IMAP profile]. Then drag the contents of your local Thunderbird Inbox to the IMAP Inbox. Please note that this will pound the server if you have a lot of mail.

    If you wanted the mail to remain on the server, use IMAP instead of POP.
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