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Thread: Open source Vs Network

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    Default Open source Vs Network

    Hi All

    Sorry, couldn't see a better forum to post this to, but please move it if there is one!

    We are getting feedback from our existing communities saying they are confused about what is provided by which version. We tell them what is or should be included in each version but when they visit this site they can leave with the impression that the Network version is open source and that what they pay for is hosting, or that the Open Source version provides the MAPI interface etc. They initially consider we are mis-informed!

    I know if one reads the site carefully then it is possible to read the reality but things such as the Administrative Benefits page:

    Or End user benefits page:

    are not making clear which version each aspect relates to. This so far has led to some significant people being confused and put off the solution considering it misleading. We are trying to encourage our Exchange community to consider the Zimbra software and the first place they look is your site and they dont find it offers clarity.

    Others have suggested that the site (exc forums) is primarily aimed at investors or that the blurring of lines is a deliberate attempt to attract attention to the software knowing that it will confuse the reader.

    We dont really want to be spending our time being defensive and would rather be positively representing what each product offers. Now that the pricing and GA version schedule and content is more settled, any expectations on a site redesign anytime soon? Perhaps splitting the site to OSS and Network eg and

    Thanks for some great advances and good and improving software. It would just be nice not to shoot oneself in the foot with confusing messages ;-)


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    Thanks for your feedback. I agree that at times the site nav can be confusing. If you click on 'community' that covers only OSS. If you click on 'Products' then that covers Network. So there is a split.

    Try this PDF. This is our feature list shows what's new in M@ and also clearly marks Network only features.
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    Thanks for the response, it is more the site than the information contained in it.

    I still think a more explicit divide would help, perhaps one that follows the product name eg OSS and Network rather than Community and Product? Both OSS and network have a community and a product ;-)

    My poor simple mind is challenged too easily today... Too much festive warm up!

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    Default A little late

    I know I'm a little late on this post but if others find it the same way I did, this might help.

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