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Thread: launching user email from admin interface

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    Default launching user email from admin interface

    Guys - first off - thanks a bunch for something very, very cool.

    So - I had to set my system to use https because otherwise it wasn't authenticating properly when using external email clients to send email via IMAP. That all works great. My web users go through https, and my IMAP users can send/receive email. However, when I go into the admin interface and I try to launch into a users mailbox, via either right click or menu bar, it tries to connect through http. I naturally get an error that the service is not available. Is there somewhere that we can change so that it points to https instead of http?

    Second - is there a way to report on the size of the mailbox for all of my users?


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    The admin login to mailboxes is a bug. We'll get it fixed.

    I don't think we have tool/script to report mailbox sizes today. I'll add a RFE for it.
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