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Thread: Zimbra refuses to auth admin.

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    Default Zimbra refuses to auth admin.


    All of the sudden, zimbra (not network) does not want to authenticate my admin user. The only change we made was enabling Active Directory for auth.


    Is it normal, when one changes to Active Directory, for the admin account to cease being authentified?

    If it is, what do i need to do to regain access to the admin console?

    If it isnt, where would be a good place to start hunting for the problem?

    I already tried zmprov sp admin anotherpassword.... to no avail.... but no errors either.

    All zimbra components and servers are running, as a user i can go into zimbra with no problem at all. I could even ldapsearch and the admin account was there, zmprov ga -v admin also works fine.

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    Default local vs. remote auth

    The problem is that it's trying to auth against AD, which doesn't have the account.

    You can either:
    create the account in AD

    set zimbraAuthFallbackToLocal to TRUE on the domain:
    zmprov md <> zimbraAuthFallbackToLocal TRUE
    tomcat stop
    tomcat start

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