Current situation
Single OSS Zimbra server (ver 4.5, FC5)
about 200 accounts
in 5 domains
over 100gb of stored mail
users are mixed Zimbra web client (20%) and outlook (80%)

  • Bad server name
    As a leftover from the original setup a fake internal server name was used so as to not disrupt the qmail configuration at that time (18 months ago). Main domain is but server is named

    For the most part all the users are in the domain and everything was working but now as users are starting to share documents the URL's generated by Zimbra refer to the bogus domain. In order to make it work at all I've added the bogus domain to our internal nameserver but this is a hack and doesn't work at all for the road warriors. I always disliked the bogus domain but its time to finally iradicate it outright.

    Searching the forums it seems that renaming a server is *not* recommended and there are repeated warnings that it is likely to cause all sorts of problems. Although I have not found what these problems are, or a "if your brave here's how to do it anyways", I'm happy to heed the warnings.

  • Need to add additional servers
    As the company now has a remote base of operations we need to move Zimba to a multi-server setup so that users at the remote site can have responsive web client access (using a local mailbox server) as our internet upload speed is fairly slow.

Here is what I hope to do but I need guidance as to whether it makes sense and just what steps I should follow.
- Build two new servers (lets call them A and B) with real (non bogus) FQDNs
- A will be a mailbox server
- B will be a mailbox server (eventually be moved to the remote base)-
- Migrate all the users in all the real domains to have their mailboxes on these servers (as per the multi-server guide)
- Build a third server (AL) and make it a Zimbra LDAP server
- Export the orig LDAP to ldif text, hand edit any references to the bogus domain, and import into AL
- Somehow re-point A & B to use AL as the LDAP server.
- Recycle the original machine to become an LDAP replica for the remote office (BL)

Additional questions:
- Will this actually get rid of the bogus naming?
- Is there a way to preserve the spam/ham training that has been accumulated over the last year and a half?
- Are there other/better ways to go?

Zimbra is awesome, but with only basic familiarity with most of its pieces I realize that I know just enough to be dangerous. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.