Hi ,
our zimbra setup as follow's

zimbra master- ldap ,mta,mailbox,logger,spell,snmp. .....( all the default services)
zimbra replica - ldap,mta,logger,mailbox,spell,snmp....., ( all the default services)

already we are running MTA (postfix) in seperate server.
we have to migrate mails to existing server to zimbra server .

i am enable to login admin console in zimbra master but i coudn't login
zimbra replica . i didn't enable imapproxy for both the master and replica.
if i enable imap proxy in both server , i got libdb-4.2.so ......... error...
that's why i disabled imap proxy for both.

if i check the server status for replica... the error as follow's

Message: Csfe service error
Error code: service.PROXY_ERROR
Method: ZmCsfeCommand.invoke
Details:error while proxying request to target server (url=https://zimbra.zeomega.org:7071/service/admin/soap/): zimbra.zeomega.org

i am using n/w edition zimbra zcs-4.5.5_GA_838.RHEL4_64

so , whether i have to enable imap proxy for master or replica or both the
master and replice . whats the problem i don't know exactly ?

past 15 days back i checked zimbra locally . it's works fine . even i checked
migration also it works... now i tried real setup ... i got this type of error

i confused lot . please help fastly. this weekend we have to migrate mail's

any one help me for timebeing........