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Thread: Locked Accounts not resetting

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    Default Locked Accounts not resetting


    Running ZCS 4.5.5 and I have had reported from a user that they are unable to log in.

    Checking acctount details, the account is locked as per the configuration for security (5 failed attempts within 1hr locks account for 1hr).

    Problem is, the account has not reset. It has been locked for over 24hrs.

    Also note that there is a time difference between Zimbra timestamps and system time that is NOT equal to timezone offset.

    Any clues.


    zmprov ga <user>

    mail: <user>
    objectClass: organizationalPerson
    objectClass: zimbraAccount
    objectClass: amavisAccount
    userPassword: VALUE-BLOCKED
    zimbraAccountStatus: lockout
    zimbraAdminAuthTokenLifetime: 12h
    zimbraLastLogonTimestamp: 20070718003646Z
    zimbraPasswordEnforceHistory: 0
    zimbraPasswordLocked: FALSE
    zimbraPasswordLockoutDuration: 1h
    zimbraPasswordLockoutEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraPasswordLockoutFailureLifetime: 1h
    zimbraPasswordLockoutFailureTime: 20070723114149Z
    zimbraPasswordLockoutLockedTime: 20070722095815Z
    zimbraPasswordLockoutMaxFailures: 5
    zimbraPasswordMaxAge: 0
    zimbraPasswordMaxLength: 12
    zimbraPasswordMinAge: 0
    zimbraPasswordMinLength: 6
    zimbraPasswordMinLowerCaseChars: 0
    zimbraPasswordMinNumericChars: 1
    zimbraPasswordMinPunctuationChars: 0
    zimbraPasswordMinUpperCaseChars: 0
    zimbraPasswordModifiedTime: 20070718004154Z
    zimbraPrefTimeZoneId: (GMT+10.00) Canberra / Melbourne / Sydney

    From audit.log

    2007-07-22 19:58:15,000 INFO [http-80-Processor97] [ua=ZimbraWebClient - IE6 (Win);ip=;] security - cmd=Auth; account=<user>; error=account lockout due to too many failed logins;
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