We've been testing Zimbra and by now it looks quite nice

Anyway I have a problem where I can't find the right config switch for that:

  • We are using external Auth with our central LDAP Server
  • We use the objectClass inetLocalMailRecipient where the valid addresses are defined
    • mail, mailLocalRecipient, mailRoutingAddress (this is the final destination and every mailRoutingAddress does exist in zimbra)
  • Mail Groups are also defined in LDAP
    • using groupOfNames and the mailLocalRecipient attribute (like hostmaster@example.com, hostmaster@example.net) ever member listed there then is checked with a few constraints which if apply designate him as a valid recipient.

We have an outbound and inbound mail Server (2 physical boxes) that does only like the name says outbound only has the submission port opened and is only allowed by TLS

Inbound has port 25 opened does all the Spam filtering and analyzing

Now I would like to achieve the following:
  1. The recipient addresses defined in our central LDAP store should be known by zimbra (creating the e.g. postfix maps etc is not a problem I just don't know where to tell Zimbra that this applies)
  2. If possible it should do sender based authentication and not only relay to the the outbound host

Now one possibilty to achieve this would imho be to create a relay map that lists the corresponding destinations (which are defined in zimbra) as a relay destination (using the mailHost attribute to store it in LDAP again) but I have a feeling that is is better to let Zimbra directly know about all this so that I don't have to care twice about the Mail addresses (which I'd have to do if some mail addresses change) - correct me if i'm wrong

thanks for the help