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Thread: The Archiving - Antivirus unwritten connection

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    Default The Archiving - Antivirus unwritten connection

    I'm not sure where the best avenue is for this, but I've stumbled upon a nugget of knowledge which cost me many hours of frustration to obtain.

    The 4.5.6 Archiving feature requires that AntiVirus scanning be running.

    That being said I would very much appreciate if somebody could point me towards some information about the following commands and exactly how the scanning works for AV. In the CLI list there's

    zmamavisdctl Start, stop, or find the status of the Amavis-D New
    zmantivirusctl Start, stop, reload, status for the anti-virus service
    zmclamdctl Start, stop, or find the status of Clam AV

    Also, what is the procedure for taking a server which is currently running AV/AS and getting to the state of not doing AV/AS. If I use the Admin GUI and uncheck the boxes on the services tab, then the messages get stuck in teh queue because the MTA is expecting them to go there. There's a difference between turning off the AV/AS engines and changing the mail flow to skip those steps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    The 4.5.6 Archiving feature requires that AntiVirus scanning be running.
    Has this been reported as a bug? If the COS the archive account belongs to doesn't have any different setting then spam & virus checks are disabled on archived email. I would have though that in those circumstances the a/s & a/v services could be disabled. Am I missing something in your question?


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