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    Hey Folks,

    We are looking to integrate a mail server in to our Windows 2003 environment. The main us of the system will actually be centered more around supporting our customer software that uses SMTP for delivery of alerts and reports rather than around actual clients.

    What I'm wondering is how tightly Zimbra integrates with AD. Ideally, I'd like our administrators to be able to create users & distribution groups using the existing Windows 2003 Active Directory User & Computers tool. Zimbra would then discover new users & groups created in AD and make it so that if our software emails one of these groups, the people within the group get the mail.

    So my main question is: Do you support user and group creation and administration through existing Active Directory tools?


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    The answer is no, Zimbra doesn't support user and group creation through AD, but you can write small scripts to synchronize the users on Zimbra against AD. We made it with users (created, locked, deleted), groups, shared calendars and distribution lists fully managed through AD.
    Stefano Pampaloni

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