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Thread: Ubuntu or Red Hat for Zimbra

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    Talking Ubuntu or Red Hat for Zimbra

    Hi guys,

    I finally got my new server but i have the dilema of wich operating system i should use, i know both red hat and ubuntu are greats OS but wich one you believe is better once it's on production, my server is just a mail dedicated server with zimbra of course, thanks for yor answers and shared experience

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    Default CentOS5

    It's RHEL for those of us too cheap to pay for support. It's a great OS and there's plenty of good documentation around to help if you get stuck.


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    Lack of response to this point is probably due to people not wanting to start a flame war; you can get some pretty serious arguments going by asking which Linux OS is better. I think it really comes down to which OS you are more comfortable with. I've been using Red Hat and related (Fedora, CentOS) since version 5.0 (that's Red Hat 5.0, not FC5 or RHEL5), and never really experimented much with other distros. So, when it came time to install Zimbra my choice was obvious. I can only say that from the Red Hat perspective installation and upgrades of Zimbra have been pretty straightforward and simple, with all the prerequisite software easy to find (basically 'yum install <packagename>' if something was missing). The only drawback of RHEL is that it is kind of in a transition period of moving from version 4 to 5. With RHEL5, there is no official release of stable version of Zimbra, although I believe you can get the RHEL4 version running on RHEL5. However, if you go with RHEL4 you go in knowing that your already running a version behind. Of course, if you're going to be running the NE edition of Zimbra you would want to go with a supported OS. Also, I agree with Chewie71 on CentOS, but again if your are going to be running NE this really isn't an option.

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