I installed 2 zimbra servers on 2 FC5 machines.

One of them (we'll call it zimbra1) runs all of zimbra, including the ldap directory. The second one (we'll call it zimbra2runs all of zimbra, besides the ldap directory. It uses the ldap directory that runs on zimbra1.

For some reason, I am not able to login to get to the web-client on zimbra2. I get the login page, and once I login the browser is redirected to zimbra1.

I tried to configure kmail to connect to zimbra2. It failed. I got the following error:

Unable to login. Probably the password is wrong.
The server zimbra2.example.com replied:
[REFERRAK imap://user%40example.com@zimbra1.example.com/]
LOGIN failed.

Login to the administration console works just fine, on both servers.

I tried to find any configuration value that says that zimbra2 should redirect to zimbra1. The only values I found on zimbra2 that contain zimbra1 are ldap server definitions.

Why is this the second server's behavure?
How can I access the second server's MTA (zimbra2) from a client?

Gil Ran.