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    Default Change hostname

    I had a test setup for the past few weeks. Now I want to change the hostname, it was "" and it should be "". I have used the wiki to do this, with the command:
    Without any error the command executed, I have added the new hostname in the hosts file, set the server name with:
    And rebooted the server.

    Now, when I log on to the administration page I get two servers in my status screen (mail + webmail). But in the screen servers I only see the new hostname. And when I send an e-mail to a local account I still see the line:
    webmail postfix/lmtp...
    In my maillog. Besides that, the server tries to connect to my old server with an old IP address to deliver the e-mail. But when I ping to the name it returns the new IP address.

    Totally confused....

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    The old server has disappeared from the status screen, but still keeps popping up in the postfix mail delivery.

    And another update, it just seems to be my resolv.conf. nslookup gives me the old IP adres while a ping command gives me the new IP adres.
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