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Thread: Problems logging in

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    Default Problems logging in


    some users have problem logging in to zimbra, they get this error:

    msg - system failure: createMailboxDatabase(42)
    code - service.FAILURE
    method - ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke
    detail - soap:Receiver

    The same happens when I log in as that user from Zimbra admin interface.
    This error (createMailboxDatabase(42)) also occurs when I try to change
    some of the users' settings from admin interface.

    We had a problem with full disk on /opt/zimbra, I extended the partition
    and restarted Zimbra, this started happening back then. Any idea
    how to fix this problem?

    I am having this problem on open source version.


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    How much diskspace do you have now?

    Check available disk space
    # df -h
    shows you disk space in human readable format

    Is any Zimbra process very busy?
    Check top processes sorted by CPU usage
    # top
    Press [Ctrl]+P to sort by CPU usage

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    Default solved

    Problem solved. When disk space got empty, it was about to create mailbox database in mysql, but it was not able to create any tables.

    When I extended disk space, that error popped up. I found out somewhere, that I should look in /opt/zimbra/logs/mailbox.log, which I did and I saw, that problem was in CREATE DATABASE entry, which existed. Since the database was empty anyways, I dropped it and everything started working again.

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