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    Default Autocomplete / External LDAP

    I'm using the GAL Autocomplete with an external LDAP server, and I have an LDAP search filter that works (i.e. returns the correct LDAP results) when tested.

    However, it is returning the data from the "mail: " field. Our email addresses are not stored there, but in "mailAlternateAddress: " fields. How / where do I tell Zimbra to pull the data out of the mailAlternateAddress field instead of the mail field when using autocomplete searches?


    If I search for "john", it will return this ldap entry:

    cn=John Doe

    But, it tells me that John Doe's address is "some-data-i-dont-use" instead of his real address.

    Thank you for any help on this!

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    Alright, I'm answering my own question. I changed mail to mailAlternateAddress here:


    prov> mcf -zimbraGalLdapAttrMap zimbraMailDeliveryAddress,zimbraMailAlias,mail=ema il,email2,email3,email4,email5,email6

    prov> mcf +zimbraGalLdapAttrMap zimbraMailDeliveryAddress,zimbraMailAlias,mailAlte rnateAddress=email,email2,email3,email4,email5,ema il6

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