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Thread: Viewing Deferred messages

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    Default Viewing Deferred messages

    I just discovered that I have some incoming emails that are stuck in the Deferred queue, because apparently the spam blocker thinks they are suspicious. I can see who they are from, but can't figure out how to (a) view the messages to verify whether they are legitimate or not, and (b) if they are legitimate, release them to the intended recipient.

    I tried requeuing them, holding and then releasing, etc. but they always end up back in the Deferred queue. The documentation is silent on this situation, as near as I can tell. Can anyone help me out here? I am fairly new at this...


    Justin Harlow

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    Default To see the messages in the deferred queue try this

    What does the error say exactly? If its the spam blocker then the message should be either discarded or sent to spam folder depending on its score.

    Look in /opt/zimbra/postfix-2.2.9/spool/deferred/ and you should see the messages in the deferred queue, you may have to cd to other folders inside this I don't remember.

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