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    Default Blackhole & Protection

    Ok... We are closing our second week of using the Network Edition and everything seems to be going great! The spam/av is working ok and have not heard anything bad, just end user training.

    What is needed now is;

    Blackhole mail coming from outside the US. I am not experienced w/ Postfix. I have searched and not found anything, yet, related to this subject. I just want to blackhole and not bounce it. I have to explain to people why now we are getting mail w/ cyrillic characters. Just marking it as Junk does not do the trick. I need the system to /dev/null out of US spam or should this be more of a rule for spamassassin?

    Also, I have followed the instructions for RestrictPostfixRecipients - ZimbraWiki, but the whole system stops working. I really need to protect my distribution lists. Any information would be helpful.
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