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Thread: Modification Date Needed for Contacts

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    Default Modification Date Needed for Contacts

    Is there any way to receive a SOAP response containing for a contact
    the last modification date, or even the creation date?

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    Sure. You can request the modified-date attr via the GetContactsRequest SOAP call. See ZimbraServer/docs/soap.txt in CVS or the Source download for more details and full documentation.
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    I sow the file. But I don't get the atrribute md in the cn element of the GetContactsResponse. I do however get it if I send a SyncRequest with
    a token.
    What I need now is to make the distinction between the created contacts and the modified ones. This is not posible using the SyncRequest, and a I can't use the notity in the soap:Header because it only provides me inforation of the changes occured since the session I used was created, and I need to know about changes before this, too.
    Can anybody help me?

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