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Thread: External manipulation of calendar data?

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    Default External manipulation of calendar data?

    Hello, Zimbrans.

    In order to make Zimbra work with for our organization's project management process, we need the ability to read and write Zimbra's Calendar data programmatically. The iCal publishing feature would seem to cover the reading part, since any number of APIs can manipulate iCal-type data. But what if I need to create, modify, or delete Calendar events from outside Zimbra? Is there an API, in any language? How about an import process, parallel to the export process? Can it be done with 'zmprov'?

    Suggestions for the external manipulation of calendar data are gratefully accepted.


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    This is an old one - but yet to be responded to. I need the same thing - external write access to a calendar. What's the best way to accomplish this? Any ideas?

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