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Thread: GetAllCalendarResources not working?

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    Question GetAllCalendarResources not working?

    Hello, Zimbra people.

    Despite the fact that several Calendars are in use on our Zimbra server, the command
    zmprov -v GetAllCalendarResources
    returns nothing (not even warnings or errors).

    Oher zmprov commands seem to work OK, including "zmprov GetAllAccounts" and "zmprov GetAllDomains".

    The command
    zmprov -vd GetAllCalendarResources
    returns a bunch of XML (see attached TXT file) that seems to indicate a successful query, with no data returned. But I can see plenty of calendar data in the web GUI, for all users. It looks like I'm either not using the command correctly, or it is as yet unimplemented at this time.

    A forum search for "GetAllCalendarResources" produced nothing. Has anyone else tried to use this command?

    Thanks in advance,
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