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Thread: Resource Calendars via iCal

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    Default Resource Calendars via iCal

    It's possible to share the calendars of resources (locations and equipment) by clicking on "View Mail" from within the Zimbra administrative interface.

    Is there an easier way to mark a resource's calendar as publicly viewable via iCal? For even a dozen rooms and a couple pieces of equipment, this will quickly get tedious.


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    1 month old...but eh, everyone deserves an answer sometime
    -try as we might we just can't get to everyone fast enough!

    zmmailbox modifyFolderGrant /Calendar public

    You could do any of the following [account <name> |group <name> |domain <name> |all |public| guest <email> <password>] followed by the permissions r, rw, rwixd, none.

    script like: zmmailbox -z -m mfg /Calendar all r

    or you could use that in combination with createMountpoint to put it into user's accounts automatically

    Want more ideas? Zmmailbox - ZimbraWiki
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