Hi there,

I've recently inherited the administration duties of a small Zimbra Open Source server running on a G5 w/10.4.10. The system seems to run great, however what I am having no luck with is backing it up.

I'm not terribly familiar with Unix so the instructions at:

Backing up and restoring Zimbra (Open Source Version) - ZimbraWiki

..don't get me very far. I've tried to do a zmcontrol stop, and then run the cp command but get many errors such as:

cp: /opt/zimbra/postfix/spool/private/uucp: Operation not supported on socket

Plus, the cp process is still going, after over an hour, even though it's a simple installation with two mailboxes totaling 150mb worth of mail. On that G5, I can copy a 5gb file to another folder on the same drive and it'll zip right through.. so I'm confident that it's not a drive performance or memory issue.

OSX yells at me if I try to just use the Finder to copy the /opt/zimbra folder ("this folder has special permissions..."), and I'm guessing that the bulk of the actual mailbox storage (/opt/zimbra/store) is located in folders that only the "zimbra" user has access to. I'm logged into the OSX machine as an administrator. I don't want to Get Info and take control of those "zimbra user only shares" because I don't know if that'll hose the installation.

We use Retrospect 6.1 to pull data off our Mac clients and then back it up to tape. I assume that if I can't do a manual copy as the Administrator of the machine, Retrospect won't be able to copy the /opt/zimbra folder either.

Any thoughts?