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Thread: Questions regarding Archiving

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    Default Questions regarding Archiving


    I am going to implement Zimbra with archiving for a customer and have some questions:

    What access rights does the user have for his archive?

    Can the user search in his archive mailbox or just the admin?
    If yes does he have to log into the archive account or can he do so from his regular account?

    Is the user able to recover mails from the archive that he has deleted and move them to his normal mailbox?

    Where and how do I set zimbraArchiveAccountNameTemplate and the like? I can't find it.

    Is there possible any further documentation on the Archiving feature?


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    It's not designed for a user to access -your forking copies of email's to a designated archive location- think compliance purposes, but to a whole new level because it's indexed. See cross mailbox search which lets you search across both archive and live mailboxes.

    You won't have search, but you can technically send forked copies to any SMTP address. So it's like forwarding that also grabs their sent mail and not just incoming mail.

    I suppose, in an emergency (like you crashed your ZCS servers & regular backup files, but not where your archives were stored) you could use it to retrieve mail...

    Hierarchical Storage Management is designed to replace people's old idea of an archive-you offload older messages to cheaper (aka probably slower) disk the user doesn't see anything, but you might give an increase in their quotas.

    Quote Originally Posted by chh View Post
    Where and how do I set zimbraArchiveAccountNameTemplate and the like? I can't find it.
    zmprov zimbraArchiveAccountNameTemplate is if you want to change how the archive accounts are named. By default it's (Using .archive or .something_non-routable after the domain is a good idea).

    /pdf/Zimbra Archiving and Discovery Whitepaper.pdf
    /pdf/Zimbra Archiving and Discovery Release Notes.pdf

    You also need:
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