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Thread: Zimbra 5.0 Beta - Question on Briefcase

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    Default Zimbra 5.0 Beta - Question on Briefcase

    Read the new blog post regarding the addition of the Briefcase to version 5.0, and then checked it out a bit on my test server. Looks like pretty cool stuff!

    The one question I have though is has any thought been given to possibly separating the Briefcase from other mail folders in terms of where the information is stored, quotas, and maximum file sizes? (I guess the same could be asked of Documents). I don't know, maybe I just need to adjust my way of thinking but I think it would be nice to be able to give the users say 1 GB for email, but maybe only 100 MB for the Briefcase, or something like that. And maybe I don't want 20 MB PowerPoint files clogging up the email system, but I wouldn't mind a user saving a file of this size to their Briefcase. Also, behind the scenes I think it would be a nice to be able to segregate the Briefcase info on the system storage because you could potentially use a different backup strategy or something like that for this information.
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