I am having a problem with shared... everything.

Mail: I can see the shared email folders. I cannot drag and drop in any of them, it produces one of 2 errors:

msg - cannot copy object: -262
code - mail.CANNOT_COPY
method - ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke
detail - soap: Sender
data - [object Object]
msg - Connection refused
code - zclient.IO_ERROR
method - ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke
detail - soap: Sender
The only way to move email between the shared folders is using the right-click and Move option. And I cannot move any mail from my user to the shared, or vice versa, with either method.

----However, this does not work if I try to move mail into the shared Inbox, even from its subfolders. This produces the zclient.IO_ERROR again.

Address Book and Calendar: I can see the shared items, and I can create new / delete/move address book / calendar entries in them... but I can't move/copy any entries into them. This also produces the zclient.IO_ERROR message.

Tasks: I am unable to see the shared task list. It immediately gives the IO_ERROR error. I am, however able to create tasks in the shared task list by going to the New> option and selecting the shared list to put the task in.

I have added these to Bugzilla, the first is for the IO_ERROR messages, and the second is only for the moving shared email from shared folders to the shared inbox.

Bug 19506 - Drag n Drop does not work for shared email folders
Bug 19507 - Unable to move email to shared inbox