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Thread: JavaScript error encountered in method ZaAccountListController.prototype._viewMailLis

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    Default JavaScript error encountered in method ZaAccountListController.prototype._viewMailLis

    I get this error; JavaScript error encountered in method ZaAccountListController.prototype._viewMailListene r

    When I try to access an account's email

    I'm not the regular it guy - our it guy left abruptly.

    Can anyone help?


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    Quote Originally Posted by mmorse View Post
    There is a bug in Firefox & .6 (it has been reported to Mozilla Bug 389007 - FF throws "Component returned failure" exception when submiting dynamically created form in JavaScript)
    Heck, Mozilla uses Zimbra as their email solution-they know.
    A workaround will be released in 4.5.7
    see Bug 18606 - FF Javascript Error with view mail fuction trough adminUI
    For now just use an older version of firefox or another browser.

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