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Thread: [SOLVED] distribution list query

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    Question [SOLVED] distribution list query

    if i send an e-mail to a zimbra distribution list, does it store one copy
    on the server and share it with users in the list, or does it send a copy of the e-mail to each user

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    One copy per mailstore server of the email file itself.

    Single instance storage - other users get a filesystem hard link to it in their store hash directory; there will be .msg file in everyone's sore but if you check the inode entries they will be pointing to the same inode. (Obviously that can't work accross multi-server setups.)

    Plus of course an associated MySQL db & Lucene index entry for the email on each user.

    Just for others running across this... Distributions lists are not a mailbox & there is no automatic, many simply create that as an account and make it a member of the

    (You could technically set the attribute on that to system or do it as a resource/location to avoid using up a license on NE, though filing an 'distribution list archive' RFE would be better.)
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