Hello, Dear all,

The objective to post this thread is to hope someone give me clear answer about external LDAP problem. my company is going to put this zimbra server in real production, however, the user intergration and authentication problem is making me a heavy headache.

What I really want is to authenciate user system logon, and email box logon by a same LDAP server, the LDAP that comes with zimbra is pretty good and powerful, but the main drawback is only can authenticate user logon mail box, I sheached on wiki LDAP Authentication - ZimbraWiki, and got a article guide how to make zimbra uses external LDAP to authenticate use, the all stops went really well, the test returned a successful result, however, logon process is always failed when I logon with username that created in external LDAP.

thus, I searched zimbra forum for this issue, lot of thread about this, but the answer confused me. it seems that we have to create an user account in both zimbra amdin console and external LDAP server, It was confirmed by testing on my server.

My doubt is the objective that zimbra work with external LDAP server, in my opnion, the objective is to centrolize user information , to simplify system upgrading and migratoin. but the fact is not what I expected.

Is there any ways to solve this problem? in my company , there will be more than 200 hundred staff moving to linux platform. if create and manage such many of users' information in two places , the task will be unimaginable!

by the way, several days before, I also tried to use samba and postfix extension, but failed in step 3. anyway I prefer to use external LDAP, it will be more flexible.

any idea? any reply will be appreicated very much! Thanks!