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Thread: Web areas missing (LIVE SYSTEM)

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    Default Web areas missing (LIVE SYSTEM)

    AHHH BAD day

    We've been having issues where mail appeared to be being recieved by zimbra but not showing up in their mailboxes. In the logs we saw lot s of imap errors (authentication) showing when none should be. We ended up restarting the entire vm.

    Now both webmail and the zimbra admin sections do not appear!


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    Welcome to the forums,
    As this is your first post, I don't know your general level of troubleshoting or familiarity with zimbra; so let's start with the basics:

    su zimbra (or su - zimbra)
    zmcontrol status

    Then let's get some output from the two biggies: /opt/zimbra/mailbox.log & /var/log/zimbra.log
    Once you get an idea from those, check these locations: /docs/ne/latest/administration_guide/9_Monitoring.12.1.html#1075561

    zmcontrol stop
    zmcontrol start
    (What do the errors & logfiles say at that point?)

    Also give us your version information:
    zmcontrol -v
    (you could add it to your profile while your at it)
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    okay phew. This always happens whenever I post for help I usualy figure out shortly there after.

    there was 2 issues stopping tomcat from starting up. Both figured out from catalina.out

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Document base /opt/zimbra/apache-tomcat-5.5.15/server/webapps/host-manager does not exist or is not a readable directory

    Thought i had fixed this but its still appearing

    The other:
    SEVERE: Error starting endpoint Permission denied:80

    so I stopped httpd service and it works now. The webmail/admin sections are back.

    okay can stop panicing slightly now.

    Any ideas on the main issue. the issue that prompted us to restart the vm and cause this gong show in the beginig?
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    Symptom: Emails appear to be, being recived by looking at /var/log/maillog and ../mailbox.log

    but dont appear in thier webmail. But its incositant if theres more than 1 recipeant it seems to go thru more often.

    Looking at the logs kept seeing lots of errors go by specifically:

    imap - LOGIN failed
    com.zimbra.cs.account.AccountServiceException: authentication failed for user@domain
    at com.zimbra.cs.account.AccountServiceException.AUTH _FAILED(


    ProtocolHandler - Exception occurred while handling connection Received fatal alert: unknown_ca

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