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Thread: migration done - Cannot remove relay

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    Default migration done - Cannot remove relay

    I've been struggling with this for a bit now. I've just migrated the last few people over to Zimbra and I'm ready to kill my old host. The problem is that the Zimbra server insists on relaying still.

    I had my old host set to the zimbraMtaRelayHost variable, which worked fine. Earlier today I cleared it out and the value is now blank, as checked by
    "zmlocalconfig |grep zimbraMtaRelayHost" which returns nothing. I've restarted the server several times today for various reasons, but still when I look at the file it shows

    relayhost =

    Shouldn't that file regenerate on server restart? If not, what special command should I be running?

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    try: zmprov mcf zimbraMtaRelayHost '' (blank/localhost/whatever you want the new value to be)
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    Strange, I thought I responded to this last night...

    mmorse - Sorry for not being more explicit, that is what I did. My command was something to the effect of:

    zmprov mcf zimbraMtaRelayHost '' <-- two single quotes.

    Since it didn't seem to be doing anything to the config file, I went and deleted that line from, which also held through a service and OS restart. I JUST noticed now that it doesn't look like other settings are getting updated as I have mail queuing up for no good reason. Most notably, the line
    disable_dns_lookups = yes
    remains in the file, regardless of the fact that it is turned to no according to zmlocalconfig and the admin webui.

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