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Thread: Uninstalled skins

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    Default Uninstalled skins

    Some of my custom skins were installed with the configuration file fine.
    Later they were uninstalled.
    They are not in the configuration file or the Admin console.
    However they still show up as choices for themes in the 'Options'.

    How do I remove them if they are not installed any more?
    Where are they being saved?

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    hm, let's check this anyway-
    to get a list of installed skins:
     zmprov gcf zimbraInstalledSkin
    replace skin1 with desired etc:
    zmprov mcf zimbraInstalledSkin skin1 zimbraInstalledSkin skin2 ...
    Yes, you have to type zimbraInstalledSkin between each.
    (You could always do +/- instead but all at once can't hurt.)
    Do a tomcat stop/start. (or if you want a full zmcontrol stop/start)
    Then go through your user/cos theme settings.
    Clear your browser cache and try the ajax or lite web-client still listed there?
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    Default nothing changed

    Your advice is only useful for changing the skins in the config file and Admin Console.

    The skins still show up as options for users even though the skins are not installed or in the Admin console.

    Where is the list of skins the user can select as an 'Option'?
    How is the list of skins for users populated?
    New skins are added to the list but skins removed from the config file still show up in the list for users to select even when the skins are not installed anymore.
    How do I delete a skin from the list the users can choose from?

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