I have follow this
Mailman & Zimbra howto but i don't know if i don't understand config or if i'm really bad

For example my domain on my zimbra is domain.net
The hostname of my machine is zcs.domain.net

i have created a list with the name test... so i would like that my malling list is test@domain.net

but when i send a message with a member of the mailing list : Zimbra's Postfix answer me :
<test@zcs.domain.net>: mail for zcs.domain.net loops back to myself

I have verified that mailman's config in main.cf is present.

if i remove my modification in virtual_alias_maps and alias_maps i have a mailler daemon : Recipient address rejected: domain.net

so i think i do a mistake but i dont see where.

Thank you for your help