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Thread: New Install

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    Under global on the MTA tab the authentication box is checked.

    Under servers on the MTA tab the authentication box is checkes.

    Under domains GAL is set to internal.

    I assume this means that auth is enabled.

    Restarted postfix via

    su zimbra
    /opt/zimbra/bin postfix stop
    /opt/zimbra/bin postfix start

    I get a prompt for a password from the client the first time I try to send, thereafter it just refuses to send.

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    Default tlsctl bug?

    This could be the problem we've had with zmtlsctl in the past - are you running in http mode or https mode? Make sure the contents of /opt/zimbra/conf/cyrus-sasl/etc/saslauthd.conf match the mode (eg, if you're in http mode, make sure the URL doesn't read https)

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    /opt/zimbra/conf does not contain a cyrus-sasl directory.

    I found saslauthd.conf in /opt/zimbra/cyrus-sasl-2.1.21.ZIMBRA/etc/saslauthd.conf

    it said the zimbra url was https so I changed it to match my useage which is http.

    The first line was

    zimbra_url: which I changed to http (since I'm using http not https). I'll see how that works.

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