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Thread: [SOLVED] Rebranding URL

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    Question [SOLVED] Rebranding URL

    There are other posts referring to rebranding. The main issue is that changing the logo URL link. Changing the themes_subs.txt in _base works for some of the themes but for others such as steel changing the URL in steel_subs.txt only changes the login screen not the small logo in the main screen.

    Now I have changed it in every themes_subs.txt file , including the 'base' folder, but it does not change anything.
    So how do these themes get the default URL if it has been changed in all of the themes_subs.txt file?

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    For v4.x, look in ZmSetting.js located under <src>/ZimbraWebClient/WebRoot/js/zimbraMail/share/model/

    There is a constant called "LOGO_URI" defining the url to use for the logo.

    Once you modify this file, you'll have to redeploy the webclient:

    - For example, under /ZimbraWebClient, run "ant prod-deploy" to deploy the production build.

    This has been simplified for version 5.x - basically, you'll just need to modify the file for the skin you want to change. There should be a more comprehensive list of changes once v5 is released.

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