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Thread: [SOLVED] simple q.: how to stop zimbramon

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    Default [SOLVED] simple q.: how to stop zimbramon

    put me in lamers corner, but i was not able to find answer after 10 minutes of searching!
    i have to resize /opt logvol, i prefer to do it offline unmounting /opt.
    # umount /opt
    umount: /opt: device is busy
    umount: /opt: device is busy

    /etc/init.d/zimbra stop
    nothing, still busy
    chkconfig zimbra stop;reboot
    nothing, still busy

    i could reboot server with /opt unmounted (taking it away from /etc/fstab) but i let this as last chance.
    So how can to stop zimbramon and every other process that keep /opt busy?
    help lamers
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    Disable the crontab entries of zimbra and make sure no (zimbra) processes are currently running with "ps"

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