Dear Friends,

A sincere thank you from our monastery in Escondido, CA. Our ageing webserver has been managing for months despite a corrupt Windows XP system running underneath it. Now with Zimbra we have been able to switch everything over to a much more stable Ubuntu 6.06 system with a beautiful web interface. Thank you.

So far we are very happy with Zimbra as a mail server, but there is one thing that I am unable to do. Our old webserver (Merak) was set up to download from the POP3 accounts which receive most of our mail every 15 minutes or so. Although we can log in to each account and press "Get Mail" to download the messages, our online storage in these accounts is quite small and it gets overloaded quickly unless we have this automatic download.

I have tried installing webmin in order to schedule fetchmail to run every ten minutes or so, but it tells me there is no fetchmailrc file or users using fetchmail, even though I have created POP download accounts on most of our Zimbra accounts. Is some other program fetching the mail from the POP3 accounts?

I have checked the box which should have Zimbra check for mail every 5 minutes, but apparently this does not include checking the POP3 accounts.

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have searched and googled this to no avail.

Doug Bachman
Deer Park Monastery