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Thread: Network Edition backups out of control

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    Default Network Edition backups out of control

    I recently upgraded to 4.5.6.G_1044 and everything went very smoothly, however after doing the full backup at the command line the automatic backups began acting strangely.

    I noticed error messages that one set of full backups couldn't be completed because another full backup was already running (and the disk wasn't full).

    Sure enough, I checked the cron setting for the zimbra user and there were 3 entries for

    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmbackup -f -a all

    two without a task name and set to run every night at midnight and one called "BACKUP BEGIN" that was set to run once a week on the weekend (as it had been).

    The nightly full backups were really eating into my disk space reserved for backups.

    I disabled the two untitled backup jobs and now have nightly incrementals except on Saturday which is the full backup.

    Anyone else seen this with an upgrade? Any reprecussion to nixing those two unnamed jobs?


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