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Thread: admin reports being sent to MTA relay

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    Default admin reports being sent to MTA relay

    Since my upgrade to 4.5.6 Opensource from 4.0.5, the daily reports are being sent to the "Relay MTA for External delivery" which in turn returns an error about relaying. Normal outgoing mails gets delivered fine using this setup.

    For my MTA trusted networks I have and two other networks that have interfaces connected to the mail server ( and

    I have Enable DNS Lookups unchecked.

    I have searched through the forums and just have not come across a post that has resolved this.

    Attached is a log of what occurs. Mail from the root account gets delivered just fine. I have some reports that run as root (from cron) and the emails get delivered.

    My logwatch report and daily mail report no longer get delivered because they are sent to the MTA relay.

    Any ideas or links that could help me out would be greatly appreciated.


    Don Hickey
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