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Thread: Automatic Signature/disclaimer Customization

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    Default Automatic Signature/disclaimer Customization

    We have a few managers here who want to have a signature/disclaimer appended on their emails that are going to outside domains.

    So messages sent to * would not have the signature appended.

    I do not want this to be a global setting, just specific users.

    Is this possible using postfix/any feature in zimbra?

    Thanks in advance

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    There's an RFE already planning to do it for outgoing, by domain & cos (so you would put the users you want to have the disclaimer in their own cos) Bug 4720 - add system/domain wide mandatory signature

    The current method:
    Sry this will be global/applies to everyone...but you can have it apply to outbound only: Adding a disclaimer (altermime) or footer - ZimbraWiki

    In the mean time, set up mail identities:
    Set up an 'outbound' identity, which has an extra bit (the disclaimer) tacked on in their signature area (set the drop down to automatically). They'll have to manually choose most of the time, but you they can 'Select this identity when replying to a message in folder __clients__' to cut down on having to always remember.

    Which brings up an RFE that you could open "select this identity when replying to ___ user/domain"
    (because 'replying to a message sent to' is not really what your looking for-it's intended for the inbound mail)
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