I am using zimbra on a Fedora system. My ldap server, that now contains users information, dns, zimbra configuration, and many other things, is on a Linux-From-Scratch based system (using openldap-2.3.27).

I merged my old directory and zimbra's directory myself. This forced me to change the ldap bdb suffix to "", instead of my domain.

I wish to have a non-empty suffix (for example "dc=example,dc=com"). To have this, I need to preform one of 2 options:
1. Split "cn=zimbra" and "dc=example,dc=com" to different bdbs. This will create an authentication problem, having that zimbra would be able to authenticate to only one of the two.
2. Put zimbra somewhere under my suffix. I was thinking about something like "cn=zimbra,ou=services,dc=example,dc=com". The porblem with this is that I failed to find where the suffix of "cn=zimbra" is defined.

Does anyone knows how to do one of those?

Gil Ran.