I have been working for about 3 hours on this problem now, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a Zimbra server (latest version open source) running on Centos 5. Everything is great, except when I use the backup script that is posted on the wiki (a copy of mine is below) and schedule it through Cron to execute each night I cannot access the zimbra web pages until I manually perform a tomcat restart at the console. I can execute the script at the command line with no problems and have full access to the zimbra web pages except for the short time the zimbra is stoped and started during the script. I have checked to make sure that the cron job is running as the user root. I have attempted to restart tomcat through the script below however when I add those lines of code I receive the error that ldap might not be loaded. Please help.

backup script:

# Zimbra Backup Script
# Requires ncftp to run
# This script is intended to run from the crontab as root
# Free to use and free of any warranty! Daniel W. Martin, 27 Aug 2007

# Live sync before stopping Zimbra to minimize sync time with the services down
# Comment out the following line if you want to try single cold-sync only
rsync -avHK /opt/zimbra/ /backup/zimbra

# Stop Zimbra Services
sudo -u zimbra /opt/zimbra/bin/zmcontrol stop
sleep 15

# Sync to backup directory
rsync -avHK /opt/zimbra/ /backup/zimbra

# Restart Zimbra Services
sudo -u zimbra /opt/zimbra/bin/zmcontrol start

# Create archive of backed-up directory for offsite transfer
# cd /backup/zimbra
tar -zcvf /tmp/mail.backup.gz /backup/zimbra/*

# Transfer file to backup server
#ncftpput -u <username> -p <password> <ftpserver> /<desired dest. directory> /tmp/mail.backup.gz
ncftpput -u frankb -p bombay /zimbra_backup /tmp/mail.backup.gz