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Thread: Partial Migration Help

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    Default Partial Migration Help

    I am working on a partial migration to zimbra. What I would like to do is move a couple of users to the zimbra server, and keep the rest on our current mail server.

    Our current mail server is postfix+courier+ldap. I use transport_maps on our current postfix to forward mail to zimbra by smtp ( smtp:[ip of zimbra server]. This works fine.

    I am trying to attempt the same thing on the zimbra side for all the users that I have not migrated, so that zimbra will forward to our current mail server. Reading the Admin Manual, transport_maps looks for the zimbraMailTransport attribute. I have been so far unsuccessful in editing this attribute.

    Am I going about this all the wrong way? Has anyone done this type of "partial migration", if so, what did you do?

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    Default What access method?

    If you're using the web client only, set the webservers SMTP host to be your main mail server - that will deliver all mail to that server, and anything for zimbra will be forwarded back.

    If you've got POP or IMAP users, make them use the main mail server for SMTP.

    You can also set the relay_host on the zimbra server to point to your main mail server - that should cover everything, as long as noone is using the zimbra server for SMTP (except the main mail server, which will only connect for accounts that live in zimbra.)

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the quick reply. Just another case of over thinking things

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