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Thread: How to: Multiple AD accounts on single Zimbra mailboxes

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    Question How to: Multiple AD accounts on single Zimbra mailboxes

    OK, I'm sorry to ask what I'm sure is a routine question, but I've had trouble finding what I'm looking for, and I'm probably not wording the searches well.

    It's a relatively simple scenario.

    I'm using an Active Directory server for Zimbra authentication. Thus far, every single Zimbra mailbox/resource/etc I've created has had a corresponding AD account created with the same name. So if I have a mailbox for bob smith, I have the Zimbra mailbox bsmith and also the AD account for bsmith.

    The catch is this: I now want to set up a bunch of different resources (conference rooms), all which have different names, but which are all "owned" or "linked" to the same AD account for authentication purposes.

    I want bsmith (the AD user) to be able to open/view/edit the calendars for all those resources, but I don't want to create new AD accounts for "conf rm 1," 2, etc.

    How do I do that?

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    Default Too Stupid a Question?


    I thought this would be trivially easy, and I was some kind of goofus for not having figured it out. Am I right, and no one has a reply because they're rolling their eyes at my folly?

    Or is this a trickier question than I thought?

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