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Thread: Zimbra account x AD account

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    Default Zimbra account x AD account

    Good morning

    First: congratulations about Zimbra!

    Second: I tried to search in Wiki, Forums, documentation and Google .. but i donīt found a solution!

    Third: I have the following environment: Zimbra 4.5 running on CentOS authenticating users in MS AD.

    Now, my problem...

    The problem is that the "SamAccountName" in AD differs that "Account Name" in Zimbra, and then users cannot authenticate.

    My MS AD account is: (a registration code)
    My zimbra account is: with an alias called

    So, if atuthentication configured in Zimbra is "Internal", the users can authenticate with alias, but if is "External Active Directory" this not works!

    My questions: The alias can be used for authentication in MS AD??
    How can i configure Zimbra to use the alias to authenticate users in MS AD??

    If i invert the alias with the account name, the authentication is successfull, but the address that is sent in messages is not the valid one (the alias is sent in from field).


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    Welcome to the forums,
    What happens if you set the canonical address? (displays in the 'From:" field of messages that are sent.)
    so main account:
    canonical alias:
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    Default It works, but...

    Thanks for the quickly response, mmorse!

    You solution works, but generates another problem ...

    I need to migrate these accounts from Domino, so i utilize the ZCS Migration Wizard for Domino.
    This wizard imports automatically all the alias of each user registered in domino to the alias fields in Zimbra.
    So, if i need to utilize the canonical address, the migration proccess (or part of them) need will be manual (or via script).

    The Wizard also imports the "internet address" from domino to the "Account Name" automatically. So if i use your solution, will need also to do this modification manuallly after migration.

    Another solution that i found is to configure the "E-mail Identities" in "Options" to always send e-mails using an alias address. And keep the account name with the same value as AD accoutn, but this is also manual process.

    If i dont found any other solution, this help me very much.
    But the best solution it would be to utilize the aliases to authenticate the users in MS AD, so the entire process will be automatic.

    Ps.: Iīm also searching if is possible to modificate something in the AD directory (Ex.: accept the e-mail address for authentication).

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