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    Default Unattended Installation

    Quite new to using zimbra (actually still evaluating the Network Edition), I was wondering if anyone has developed or can point me to some documentation that will show how to install zimbra unattended. I noticed that the file /opt/zimbra/config.xxxxx is generated but before I start digging in, I thought I should ask

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    I'm also interested in this topic, so I'd like to hear from the experts too.

    Here's my scenario. Let's say I want to put together a System CD / DVD, for easy installation, and I want to automate a few things (like partitioning & RAID setup, install certain software, include certain drivers, etc), and want to include Zimbra in the installation CD for easy installation, how would I do this?

    I'm looking @ using the OpenSuse or Fedora Core distro's, but would like to know what I need on the Zimbra side todo this?

    What about the licensing? Would it be a problem if I do this? Our market is entirely open source, and SOHO, maybe SME, so costs are a limiting factor, and we'd be using the Open Source Zimbra version for this. For those clients who want the Network edition we'll do something else.

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