Hi, all, hope this post finds you healthy, wealthy, wise.

I think I have misconfigured something in perdition. IMAP no longer authenticates. Users credentials are correct at the portal but not IMAP. I thought I followed the instructions on how to configure perdition, found in this forum, perfectly, and fired it up, and ports and so forth all look correct. This used to work. I upgraded to the latest beta recently & everything was still working perfectly. (I look forward to the 5.0 release, it is nice, and maybe one day replacing my Treo with an iPhone that sync's perfectly to Zimbra.) Then I realized that I couldnt see the mail queues since we use an alternate SSH port, so I tried to correct that, and that is when things went sideways on me. It showed an error about port conflicts which I hadnt seen before, so I pursued resolving those, and think I have, but nonetheless, in the process, I think I broke something since IMAP just keeps asking for credentials in endless loop. I thought I set the output for perdition to debug but I am not seeing any verbosity in either /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox/log nor in /vcar/log/zimbra.log nor /var/log/messages nor /var/log/maillog, so I suppose my first task might be to figure-out why not & see that verbose output. The second issue I might have is using my commercial cert' I successfully installed two weeks ago and was working perfectly, but I noticed through some of this process that it had gone back to using the default temp' zimbra cert, but I can wrestle with that later.

Any and all advice greatly appreciated.